Monthly Archives: September 2013

First Drafts

I drafted a first post called “So much, so little, so few”. It’s about how the web does mass quantity of content way better than I can. It’s also supposed to be about how focusing on small things that matter is what’s important, not trying to do more than you can or should. Sortof a meta discussion to this question of ‘what is obedience’ that I think about alot. I’m proud of the idea, but I hate the post. I think it’s pretty boring to read, so maybe it’ll get posted later in some form, or maybe it will just die a quiet death in my draft folder. I don’t really have a moral or point to that story, I just thought it was mildly interesting, and maybe gives you some insight into why I’m writing. It probably doesn’t though. (this is a fun way to start a blog… like, whoever reads this thinks to themselves: “was any of that necessary? why am I still reading this? I think I’ve made some poor decisions in my life to find this interesting” yeah, that feels about right.)