Monthly Archives: February 2014

Get Better vs. Be Good

This is a great video, and only 20 minutes or so. I highly recommend everyone view it. Also, if you don’t watch the video, you probably won’t understand the next nine sentences.

Her premise makes a lot of sense from a clinical perspective, but it has so many more applications and power in light of the Gospel.

If you’re a believer, you can’t logically maintain a “Be Good” mindset. You aren’t good. Even your good falls short for a million different reasons. So you can only be getting better.

And that’s not a sad outcome, it’s a beautiful outcome. You don’t have to be good, Jesus is good on your behalf. Honestly, you aren’t even required to be good, but in understanding what Jesus did for you… you’ll want to. How could you not?

A Dedication

To my radiant wife. You contribute more to me than I know.

As a dedication, I found this piece of writing from a few years back. It’s truer today than it was then.

I got to spend the entire evening with my beautiful wife.  And I’m crazy about her.  And it’s the crazy, googly eyed, not every day, man I can’t believe I love you this much, kind of night tonight.  The, I just want to be close to you, sit in the same room as you sort of night.  And it hits me that there will come a day when we aren’t able to be together.  We’ll have grown old, and one of us will get sick and go home.  Or maybe it happens tomorrow in a car accident.  Or some random stroke.  And it’s sad sort of.  Until you remember there is an eternity ahead of us.  And the love I felt tonight pales in comparison to the love I feel for eternity.  The same, be near to you, spend time with you, just sit at your feet to hear your breath sort of love.  

Man, I want Christ to come back in my lifetime.  I don’t want to have to deal with sickness and death.  I don’t want to have to watch my loved ones leave me.

I’m glad we have Christ. I’m glad he gifted me with the beautiful woman I am to live with and serve the rest of my days.  I’m glad that I know that if i got called home tomorrow, she’d be in pain, but she’d run to Jesus.  And that she’d be ok.