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Forgive Yourself

You must, oh dear beloved, forgive yourself.

You must forgive yourself for not being the fastest, strongest, smartest, or best dressed. You must forgive yourself for missing that deadline, breaking that program, failing those clients. Forgive yourself for not winning every promotion, negotiation, or sale.

You must also forgive yourself for the times when you were selfish or rude or hateful or disparaging. Forgive yourself for wounding others. Forgive yourself for your self-destruction, your self-inflicted wounds, your self-loathing moments.

Forgive yourself for being afraid.

Because through his son, the God of the Universe has already forgiven you. He has forgiven your weakness. He has forgiven your fear.

For you to refuse to forgive where God has already forgiven ignores his sacrifice. It denies his love. It adds back burdens that he has already removed.


Don’t ever let yourself off the hook for not caring or not trying. Don’t forgive yourself for minimizing your shortcomings. Your failures, after all, do carry a great cost. You just don’t have to pay for them.

This was a scary post to write for me because the inspiration, structure, and some phrasing, comes from this secular blog post by Seth Godin. It’s important though, because as believers we have a reason to forgive ourselves. Non-believers don’t.

Binary Actions

Everything you do will bring glory to God or to something else. Said another way: everything you do honors God or dishonors him.

There is no middle ground. (and yes, it really is that simple.)

Every action in your day will be honoring or dishonoring to God. How could it be any other way?

At work: that email you sent, that font change you made, printing in color versus black and white, staying late versus leaving early, remembering to run the reports on time, spell-checking your document before it gets sent out.

At home: not making your bed, eating out instead of cooking at home, drinking water instead of soda, reading that book, reading THAT Book (get it? *gag*), brushing and (/or?) flossing, exercising for an hour… you get the picture.

Everything you do. Everything. Everything matters.

And maybe as you were reading those lists, you were tempted to think I’m making a statement about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. “You should print in black and white to conserve ink.” Or, “You should always make your bed.” I’m not saying that at all.

If I’m printing a report for a client, you better believe I’m printing in color, and you better believe I printed a proof in color as well, and I am probably printing on a heavier paper. And if I’m running late in the morning, it’s possible it would be downright disobedient and God dishonoring to stop to make my bed.

So the message isn’t, “Do this, not that.”

The message is, “Be mindful.”

You’re always going to bring honor and glory to something, no matter the task. Make sure you know where that glory is going.

Confidence is a Choice

Have you ever thought about the fact that you view confidence as both the precursor to, and the result of, success? “I need confidence to be successful. I’ll be successful when I can get some confidence.” That’s a terrible chicken and egg scenario.

It’s not super useful to view confidence as both the result of and precursor to success. If you’re waiting on being confident to be successful while also waiting on success to find your confidence, you might just wait forever.

It seems far more useful to understand the truth of confidence: the source of your confidence is not your accomplishments, but Christ’s.

The Gospel – the truth that Jesus sacrificed himself so that you could be adopted into God’s family – is the source of the greatest confidence. If you truly get it, you can be one seriously cocky s.o.b. (uh… can he say s.o.b.?). Think about the kid you knew growing up who was given everything, was told they were great at everything, was never told no. That kid’s confidence was through the roof (even if he was a terrible snot nosed brat.) That could be us. We have all the tools necessary to be confident just like that kid! We could be snot nosed brats! (wait…)

You have every confidence because like that kid, you’ve been given everything that matters.

Today at work you can have the confidence to take that risk (you know the one) because the most important things have already been accomplished on your behalf.

Think about what would make you confident: landing a big account, acing a presentation to your boss, hitting a hole in one, totally nailing a social interaction, perfecting that cake recipe, running a 5 minute mile.

Now think bigger. What would make you confident all the time? I would be confident all the time if I were the president, or Einstein, or Michael J. (Jordan or Jackson) If I had that status, I would be confident in any situation. Right?

The truth though, is that you already have that status. You just have to accept it.

In Christ, you’ve achieved all the highest and hardest calls. In Christ, you’ve been adopted, given a great status, higher than any world leader or genius. In Christ, you are given an abundant inheritance.

If you are already an heir to the riches of the universe, and regarded as a close friend to the most powerful person ever known, doesn’t that email you’re about to send seem a little less scary? Or if you’re worried about your paycheck, but God has promised you he will provide for you, doesn’t that give you a little more confidence that it will work out?

Ultimately, it’s not what you do that secures your confidence; you could just fail tomorrow and undo it anyways. Your confidence is secured by you taking hold of the inheritance Jesus has earned for you. (And God would be ever so pleased if you did.)

The Mosquito’s Day Job

Mosquito Therapy

Mosquitoes are the most deadly animals in the world.

Yet God created them.

Have you ever wondered why?

I mean… why do that?

We may wonder why, but the mosquito doesn’t wonder. The mosquito “knows” what it was made for. Mosquitoes, along with all the birds, and cattle, and mountains, and frost and snow, and daisies in the field, and hydrogen atoms, praise the Lord.

By being a mosquito the mosquito glorifies its creator. Because by being a mosquito, the mosquito fulfills its Creator’s command.

There is beauty and freedom in that simple truth. The mosquito doesn’t waste time wishing it was a fruit fly or worrying that it isn’t as well liked as the humming bird. It simply glorifies God as a mosquito. Just as it was created to. (No more, no less.)

You and I are called to do the same. We are called to glorify our creator by being as we were created.

As administrative assistants, pastors, financiers, gardeners, parents, retail associates, cashiers, janitors, advertising executives… we are each uniquely created to glorify our Creator.

Don’t miss your chance to glorify God today by wishing you were a fruit fly if he made you a mosquito.


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