A Dedication

To my radiant wife. You contribute more to me than I know.

As a dedication, I found this piece of writing from a few years back. It’s truer today than it was then.

I got to spend the entire evening with my beautiful wife.  And I’m crazy about her.  And it’s the crazy, googly eyed, not every day, man I can’t believe I love you this much, kind of night tonight.  The, I just want to be close to you, sit in the same room as you sort of night.  And it hits me that there will come a day when we aren’t able to be together.  We’ll have grown old, and one of us will get sick and go home.  Or maybe it happens tomorrow in a car accident.  Or some random stroke.  And it’s sad sort of.  Until you remember there is an eternity ahead of us.  And the love I felt tonight pales in comparison to the love I feel for eternity.  The same, be near to you, spend time with you, just sit at your feet to hear your breath sort of love.  

Man, I want Christ to come back in my lifetime.  I don’t want to have to deal with sickness and death.  I don’t want to have to watch my loved ones leave me.

I’m glad we have Christ. I’m glad he gifted me with the beautiful woman I am to live with and serve the rest of my days.  I’m glad that I know that if i got called home tomorrow, she’d be in pain, but she’d run to Jesus.  And that she’d be ok.

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