I want you to come alive. Maybe even for the first time.

I want your answer to the questions, “What do you do?” and “What do you want to do?” to be the exact same thing. Life is too short, and the world too desperately needy for what you you have to offer, for anything else.

Can I tell you a secret? That’s what God wants for you as well. God isn’t interested in your mediocre. He’s not interested in you curbing your dreams and desires because you are scared, or tired, or ill-equiped (or any other excuse you like to use for that matter.) God created you for something specific, and he’d be ever so pleased if you woke up to that fact and started doing what you were created to do. (You know you’d  be pleased too.)

But our reality is much different from what we, or God, want: We sit at jobs we don’t particularly like, doing tasks we don’t particularly enjoy, for pay that’s less than we think we deserve. We work for bosses who don’t seem to appreciate us, see our family and friends less than we’d like to, waste the free time we do have, and generally feel kind of ‘ick’ at the end of each week. We carry a nagging guilt because our day jobs “aren’t holy”, or because we aren’t spiritual enough, or because we don’t evangelize enough… (and the list goes on and on.)

It’s draining. Every day is draining.

And is this really all there is? Is this what God planned for us? Does God want us to lead unfulfilling lives of compromise?

Hell no!

God wants you to be fully alive. God wants you to be fearless and focused. God wants the best of you and for you.

And that’s where this blog comes in. It isn’t about guilting you in to being a better person. It’s not about shaming you into working harder, or using fear to drive you to advancement. It isn’t even about quitting your job, or taking a life changing trip across the globe, or starting a side business.

Task and Toil is about you seeing that everything you do has meaning and purpose, no matter how mundane it may first seem. It’s about igniting your passion and showing you that the opportunities are limitless. It’s raw power – for the most menial of tasks and the largest of life’s decisions. But it’s not for the faint of heart.

Our journey together will not always be easy, but it will be built on a solid hope, a firm foundation. Exuberant yet restrained. Calm but driven. Punch-drunk but sober. It’s a tangled mess of seeming contradictions that are beautiful in every sense of the word. It’s built on the Gospel. The true Gospel. The living and breathing Gospel. The Gospel of Power. The Gospel of Might. It is good news that matters. Not theory. Action.

Task and Toil is a quiet whisper of confidence: you can do this because you have support. You can do this because you aren’t defined by this. You can do this because you are loved for who you are. You can do this because you are free.

Task and Toil is about uncovering what you were put on this earth to do, coming to grips with who you truly are, kicking fear square in the chest, punching sin right in it’s stupid face, and coming alive… truly alive… maybe for the first time even.

If you’re reading this right now, there is no doubt in my mind that I know two very specific things about you:

  1. You are entirely unique – there’s no one on this planet like you.
  2. You were put on this earth to do something entirely unique that no one else could ever hope to do.

(Argue with me about those two if you want, but you’ll be wrong.)

Wouldn’t it be a shame if you never did what you were created for? Don’t let that happen.

Everyone has a different calling. Let’s figure out what yours is.

And then, together, let’s get out there and do it.

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