Binary Actions

Everything you do will bring glory to God or to something else. Said another way: everything you do honors God or dishonors him.

There is no middle ground. (and yes, it really is that simple.)

Every action in your day will be honoring or dishonoring to God. How could it be any other way?

At work: that email you sent, that font change you made, printing in color versus black and white, staying late versus leaving early, remembering to run the reports on time, spell-checking your document before it gets sent out.

At home: not making your bed, eating out instead of cooking at home, drinking water instead of soda, reading that book, reading THAT Book (get it? *gag*), brushing and (/or?) flossing, exercising for an hour… you get the picture.

Everything you do. Everything. Everything matters.

And maybe as you were reading those lists, you were tempted to think I’m making a statement about what you should or shouldn’t be doing. “You should print in black and white to conserve ink.” Or, “You should always make your bed.” I’m not saying that at all.

If I’m printing a report for a client, you better believe I’m printing in color, and you better believe I printed a proof in color as well, and I am probably printing on a heavier paper. And if I’m running late in the morning, it’s possible it would be downright disobedient and God dishonoring to stop to make my bed.

So the message isn’t, “Do this, not that.”

The message is, “Be mindful.”

You’re always going to bring honor and glory to something, no matter the task. Make sure you know where that glory is going.