Confidence is a Choice

Have you ever thought about the fact that you view confidence as both the precursor to, and the result of, success? “I need confidence to be successful. I’ll be successful when I can get some confidence.” That’s a terrible chicken and egg scenario.

It’s not super useful to view confidence as both the result of and precursor to success. If you’re waiting on being confident to be successful while also waiting on success to find your confidence, you might just wait forever.

It seems far more useful to understand the truth of confidence: the source of your confidence is not your accomplishments, but Christ’s.

The Gospel – the truth that Jesus sacrificed himself so that you could be adopted into God’s family – is the source of the greatest confidence. If you truly get it, you can be one seriously cocky s.o.b. (uh… can he say s.o.b.?). Think about the kid you knew growing up who was given everything, was told they were great at everything, was never told no. That kid’s confidence was through the roof (even if he was a terrible snot nosed brat.) That could be us. We have all the tools necessary to be confident just like that kid! We could be snot nosed brats! (wait…)

You have every confidence because like that kid, you’ve been given everything that matters.

Today at work you can have the confidence to take that risk (you know the one) because the most important things have already been accomplished on your behalf.

Think about what would make you confident: landing a big account, acing a presentation to your boss, hitting a hole in one, totally nailing a social interaction, perfecting that cake recipe, running a 5 minute mile.

Now think bigger. What would make you confident all the time? I would be confident all the time if I were the president, or Einstein, or Michael J. (Jordan or Jackson) If I had that status, I would be confident in any situation. Right?

The truth though, is that you already have that status. You just have to accept it.

In Christ, you’ve achieved all the highest and hardest calls. In Christ, you’ve been adopted, given a great status, higher than any world leader or genius. In Christ, you are given an abundant inheritance.

If you are already an heir to the riches of the universe, and regarded as a close friend to the most powerful person ever known, doesn’t that email you’re about to send seem a little less scary? Or if you’re worried about your paycheck, but God has promised you he will provide for you, doesn’t that give you a little more confidence that it will work out?

Ultimately, it’s not what you do that secures your confidence; you could just fail tomorrow and undo it anyways. Your confidence is secured by you taking hold of the inheritance Jesus has earned for you. (And God would be ever so pleased if you did.)