Dealing with Dull

My job was really dull yesterday… and tedious… and pointless.

Pointless is the worst part. I did a task that consumed two hours of my life, and every minute I worked, I knew that the project I was working on would never see the light of day. My work wouldn’t help our company earn revenue, no client would see it, and my boss would probably skim it briefly before filing it away neatly (in his trashcan). and oh yeah… yesterday was the weekend. (I know the weekend is two days… so what?)

So I’m working on a Sunday on something that I know doesn’t matter, but I found motivation knowing that in that moment of tedium I got to uniquely reflect the image of God. (more like moments, or 114 of them… not that I was counting (but I was))

You see – our God cares about details – he knows all the hairs on your head, he can count the stars in the sky because he made them all, and he clothed all the lilies in the fields. All of those tasks are pretty repetitive when you think about them. But God found contentment and appreciation for those things (he called them “good”).

So here’s the question – if you never did “tedious” things, how would you get to reflect the part of God’s character that labors over every hair on everyone’s head. How would you get to reflect the image of God that lovingly nurtures trillions of stars into brilliant existence? Answer: you wouldn’t.

I found motivation yesterday by remembering that my purpose, the only purpose that matters, is to glorify God. Yesterday, it just so happened that I got to glorify him through tedious work. I’m glad he gave me that opportunity.

So what tedious thing do you get to do? (That’s a totally loaded question…) Maybe what’s a task you hate to do? Don’t church it up either… what’s the thing you hate doing? (ok now church it up… how does that task reflect the image of God?) Extra points if you leave it in the comments, or shoot me an email and tell me what you thought up.