The Sunglass Gospel

Gospel Sunglasses

I saw this ad from Oakley recently and was struck by what I’m assuming was an unintentional Gospel message. The advertising message from Oakley is: “look: we make the best stuff because we believe that everything in this world can be improved on… so improved on it. Buy our stuff and we’ll keep improving it.”

Which… can’t you hear the Gospel there? Jesus says, “Look: nothing in this world is perfect, it’s all broken. But there is nothing in this world that can’t be made better, and one day I’m going to make it perfect.”

The big (obvious) difference between the two messages is that Oakley could never hope to produce the perfect pair of sunglasses, not in a million years (though they will try) but Jesus will produce a perfect everything. (sunglasses, I’m assuming, are on that list also.)

And you get to join in on that. Not in heaven after you die, but today.

Today you can improve something, small or large. Maybe it’s the way you talk to someone, maybe it’s the way you file a report or organize your desk. You can change something and bring more glory to God, more rest to your colleagues, more peace to your community. God is on a mission to perfect everything, and even the smallest, most mundane tasks can and will be made new. So why not join with God on his mission? And why not start today? You can even do it right now.

Today, your work can be an act of worship to God.

Practically, joining God in his mission to make all things new will look different for everyone. For someone working at Oakley, maybe it means trying to create the best pair of sunglasses – that protect vision, and look good, and are reasonably priced, and sustainably made. Those are all things that can honor our God.

I don’t know exactly what that might mean for you, but if a sunglasses company can do it… I feel like you can too.



P.S.: (Is that how these things work? Is this a letter? Whatever, I DO WHAT I WANT.) There’s another message in this advertisement – the Gospel is everywhere and affects everything. There is nothing in this world that isn’t touched by the work of Jesus. Not one thing. I think our world would radically change if we (believers in Christ) believed what Oakley just said. Everything (!!) can and will be made better.

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