I could never do that

“I could never do that.”

“I could never write a blog just about faith and work, I don’t know nearly enough.”

“I could never make a career out of art, I’m not nearly good enough.”

“I could never lead people, I’m not nearly old enough.”

“I could never do _______”

“I could never do that.”

But do you know enough to start? Do you feel like you’re supposed to? God tells you that’s enough.

Be faithful today. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

“Oh… but that’s so scary. That elicits the deep in the pit of my stomach kind of fear. ThatĀ feels like a type of suicide, like I’m walking down a path designed for me to fail.”

But God tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Just be obedient now. God tells usĀ that’s enough. God tells us he’s enough.

What are you supposed to do today that you have been putting off? Stop putting it off.

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