Just Work

I’m struggling today to work diligently. I struggled with it yesterday as well. I’ve also struggled recently to write coherent sentences on this blog or put meaningful thoughts together. The past couple of days, my work (all of my work) has felt sub-par. It’s all felt like failure.

So today I’m working on just working. And I’ll ask you to join me.

Today, all I’m asking of you and me is that we’d just work.

“Just work” doesn’t mean a lot of things. It doesn’t mean just achieve. It doesn’t mean just complete. It doesn’t even mean just create, produce, perfect, hone, or refine.

It means just work.



Just do something.

And the result may be shoddy and sloppy. It may even be disgraceful and embarrassing – a pock on your image of self. But at the end of the day it will have been work, and you will have bore the image of a great God who also works, and that’s pretty cool.

If you struggle with procrastination (like I am today), my hunch is that the hangup isn’t the work, but the fear behind the work. Fear of failure, fear of a sub-par product, fear of discomfort. We tie our identity to our work and then work become scary – because if my identity is my work, and my work isn’t very good, then I’m not very good. So I’m scared to work because, “what if?”

Can I tell you something though? Your identity isn’t your work, it never was and it never will be. Your identity is not what you can create or do or say or produce.

Your identity is found as a child of God, purchased by Jesus. You can’t earn that.

Today, you don’t have to work to be something, because you already are something. You are an heir. You are beloved.

I hope that frees you.

Today, I’ll still try to do my job well. But my goal isn’t excellence, my goal is obedience. My goal is to just work. Maybe you will join me.

Today’s bar for success isn’t output or product. Today’s bar for success is effort. Results be damned.

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