The Mosquito’s Day Job

Mosquito Therapy

Mosquitoes are the most deadly animals in the world.

Yet God created them.

Have you ever wondered why?

I mean… why do that?

We may wonder why, but the mosquito doesn’t wonder. The mosquito “knows” what it was made for. Mosquitoes, along with all the birds, and cattle, and mountains, and frost and snow, and daisies in the field, and hydrogen atoms, praise the Lord.

By being a mosquito the mosquito glorifies its creator. Because by being a mosquito, the mosquito fulfills its Creator’s command.

There is beauty and freedom in that simple truth. The mosquito doesn’t waste time wishing it was a fruit fly or worrying that it isn’t as well liked as the humming bird. It simply glorifies God as a mosquito. Just as it was created to. (No more, no less.)

You and I are called to do the same. We are called to glorify our creator by being as we were created.

As administrative assistants, pastors, financiers, gardeners, parents, retail associates, cashiers, janitors, advertising executives… we are each uniquely created to glorify our Creator.

Don’t miss your chance to glorify God today by wishing you were a fruit fly if he made you a mosquito.


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