Repeat after me

Repeat after me:

No. I can’t.

  • No I can’t go hang out with you.
  • No I can’t serve on Sunday.
  • No I can’t babysit your kids.
  • No, I can’t work late tonight, pick up drinks, volunteer next Saturday, meet you for breakfast, talk to your buddy, proofread that email, file that report, go out of town.

“No. I can’t.”

And do you want to know what? You don’t have to follow “No.” with “…because…”

  • …because I need to be more faithful to the things I have in front of me.
  • …because I need to focus on the six things I’m already committed to.

You don’t have to tell anyone. It’s not their stamp of approval you are seeking anyways.

You can say no because sometimes you just need to work on the few things that God has called you to, and do them well.

Doing a few things really well – community, spouse, job, parent, friend (you pick) – is infinitely more valuable than doing a thousand things poorly.

So, no. We can’t. (and sorry we’re not sorry.)