Resolution Link Wrap

Note: This post is a little different than others on the blog. It’s more a collection of stuff about resolutions (you’ll notice a lot of links). Some are Christian sources, some aren’t… sorry, not sorry. If you hover over the links, you’ll see some additional notes. Each piece is pretty interesting. Happy New Year. See you in 2015.

You should resolve to do something, because if you don’t know where you’re going, it’s unlikely you get to the place you intended.

Making new year resolutions probably started with the Babylonians (but they did it in March). Then the Romans caught the resolution  bug. Then the Puritans did it as a way to avoid the parties. John Wesley created covenant renewal services (which seems pretty cool.)

The problem is that resolutions aren’t biblicalunless they are. (That’s also a free lesson in the importance of context.) Just make sure you’re resolving to do things honoring to God.

Regardless, some famous people have made resolutions. Woody Guthrie, Marilyn Monroe, Benjamin Franklin, Jonathan Swift, Jonathan Edwards.

Don’t bother resolving to go on a diet, stop smoking, get more exercise, lose 20 pounds, or stop biting your nails. Also, big goals are for losers. So what if you resolved to do less rather than more?

Whatever you do, if you make a resolution, you might as well keep it. What’s the point of always resolving and never actually resolving? Jerry Seinfeld keeps resolutions by not breaking the chain. I found some success with a similar method in a notebook. Remember, what get’s measured gets done.

Happy kitten New Year.