Unreasonable Demands

Believers in Christ have the capacity to be the best at anything and everything they do. Today we’ll talk about being the best at dealing with unreasonable demands (demands may come from bosses, or coworkers, or friends, or situations…)Here’s why Believers should be awesome at this: we get to practice doing it all the time.

In my job, I get assigned tasks that are impossible. I’m given an hour to complete a task that takes five, or maybe I need to write a report, but i don’t have any of the supporting knowledge or materials. If impossible weren’t hard enough, there are all the tasks we’re asked to do that may be possible… if only our instructions were clear. Often I’ll sit at my desk after receiving an assignment and think, “How do I do that? And what exactly are they asking for?”

But as a Believer, I’ve got years and years of daily experience dealing with impossible situations. You do too.

Constantly being asked to do the impossible
Christianity is pretty black and white – trust in Christ for your salvation and you’re good. It’s also a million shades of gray.You are called to provide for your family, but your boss just asked you to do something unethical or be fired. Do you quit (stay ethical but fail your calling to provide for your family) or do you do it (unethical, but providing)? Or how about the fact that you are supposed to be honest and forthright, with your yes meaning yes and your no meaning no. How do you then sign contracts – swearing and guaranteeing your word?

Our world is filled with half contraditions and sub-optimal constructions. Should I do this thing at the expense of that thing, or not?

Every. Day.

So as believers what are we to do? Walk in obedience.
(That’s not a helpful answer… let me try to do better.)

I don’t know what you’re supposed to do, nor could I prescribe a solution to the untold number of gray situations you find yourself in. But the answer to your question is: “What is obedient and faithful?”. (Yeah yeah yeah, the answer is a question. I didn’t say I’d do a good job being helpful…)
Only you can answer what obedience looks like. But once you do, you go with it.

“But what about when the answer leads me to some level of disobedience in another realm?”

Then you confess your sin – even if it’s “not your fault” or was “the only option”. Sin is sin is sin. So you repent of all sins, even the sins you “couldn’t avoid”. Because it’s your sin that created the situation in the first place. (original sin, contributory sin… let’s come back to this idea later.)

What does that mean for work?At work, we get practice. Every day. We get to work like we live.

When faced with a seemingly impossible situation, work hard and do the best you can with what you have. Then be quick to admit when you screw up or fall short. (But what if that’s scary? Let’s talk about that some other time.)

You should be more comfortable than anyone you know with being asked to do the seemingly impossible. God asks you to be holy every day, but most days you don’t make it out of bed before failing that call. So when your boss asks for a report that you aren’t sure how to put together, I bet you’ll be ok.

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