The Only Way to Get Rich

Last week I wrote a post titled “The Only Two Ways to Get Rich.” In it I explained that to get rich you could either a) want less stuff or b) get more stuff. I then went on to make the claim that the Gospel informs this view and that God indeed wants to help you to want less stuff  while getting more.

The problem is that’s not exactly true. If you read the article at face value, all the claims made are biblicaly defensible (I’ll happily point you to the scriptures for each claim if you’re in to that kind of stuff) but when read together, the implied message is something different. The implication to the post is that God wants you to have more stuff, or money, or success, or whatever… and I’m really uncomfortable with that implied message because it’s just not true.

Look: God does wants us to have more. Not only that, God wants us to have the best. In fact, he has gone to great lengths to ensure that we can get more of the very best. But here’s the thing: the “very best” is just one thing. It’s the only thing that truly matters: Him. It’s not more comfort or control or approval or power. It’s not a newer car or nicer house or shinier watch or more powerful friends. It’s more of Him. He’s the best. He’s all there is.

He wants you to have more of the very best. He wants you to have more of him.

Along the way, God may lend you some stuff, apportion you some power, or assign you a few successes, but those things aren’t ultimately what he cares about, and they shouldn’t be what we care about either. Not because those things aren’t valuable and good, but because he is so much better.

(If you’re wondering: you can read The Only Two Ways to Get Rich here.)